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Comuna 13 Tour Medellin

Immersive Art and Cultural Experience

Explore the Heart of Medellin

There is something truly magical about stepping into Comuna 13, an area that breathes resilience, creativity, and transformation. Our journey, as Comuna 13 Tour Medellin, into this vibrant neighborhood is not just about witnessing its remarkable street art but also delving deep into the stories that paint the very essence of its identity. Over the years, Comuna 13 has transitioned from a place marked by adversity to a canvas of cultural expression, making the comuna 13 tour Medellin an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the city.

Immersive Art and Cultural Experience

The streets of Comuna 13 are alive with the pulsating rhythms of hip hop, the vibrant hues of graffiti that adorn every available surface, and the warm greetings of its inhabitants. Our tours are designed to offer a comprehensive exploration of this dynamic environment. With 40 years rooted in Hip Hop culture and 7 years devoted to enriching tourism services, we pride ourselves on offering an authentic experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Each comuna 13 tour Medellin is a journey through the profound transformation stories of this community, narrated by those who have lived through them.

Unique Tour Features

Create Your Own Graffiti

One of the most exhilarating aspects of our tours is the chance to leave your mark in Comuna 13. Participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity by creating their own graffiti, under the guidance of local artists. This hands-on experience not only connects you personally with the neighborhood but also provides a unique insight into the art form that has played a crucial role in the area's transformation.

Live Performances and Sessions

What truly sets our tours apart are the impromptu dance, rhyming sessions, and live art performances that visitors can enjoy. These moments of spontaneous creativity showcase the undeniable talent within the community and offer a glimpse into the vibrant cultural tapestry of Comuna 13. Every step through the neighborhood is accompanied by stories of resilience, making each comuna 13 tour Medellin an enriching experience.

Diverse Gastronomic Experience

The food scene in Comuna 13 is as diverse and colorful as its murals. From the delicious Church Empanadas to the exotic Mango ice cream with salt and lemon, the gastronomic offerings reflect the rich cultural heritage of the community. Our tours not only guide you through these delectable delights but also emphasize the safety and quality of street food, providing an authentic taste of Medellin's street cuisine.

Transformative Impact

Comuna 13's transformation is a testament to the power of art and community. Through each comuna 13 tour Medellin, we aim to highlight the positive changes and shed light on the resilience of its people. Witnessing the transformation from darkness to light, visitors leave with a profound appreciation for the strength and creativity inherent in the community. Our tours offer more than just sightseeing; they provide a deeper understanding of the social fabric and the transformative power of art.

Tour Details

  • Schedule: Monday - Sunday
  • Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Meeting Point: Estacion San Javier, segundo piso
  • Price: $100,000 CP for 1 person, $90,000 CP per person for 2 to 5 people, $70,000 CP per person for 6 or more people, Private Tour for $500,000 CP
  • Additional items to bring: sunscreen, water, comfortable walking shoes, camera

Booking and Contact

To embark on this unique and immersive journey through the streets of Comuna 13, you can reach out to us via WhatsApp or email. Be prepared for a memorable experience that offers not just a tour, but a journey into the heart of Medellin's most vibrant community. "You've got questions, we've got answers on anything, Comuna 13 Tour Medellin." Join us, and witness the transformation of Comuna 13, a narrative of resilience and beauty that continues to inspire many across the globe.

Contact Information:

  • Telephone: (+57 319 5846108)
  • Email:

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Comuna 13 Tour Medellin means opting for an experience that combines deep cultural insights, art, and fun. Our unique position within the community, extensive experience in hip hop culture, and commitment to showcasing the real Comuna 13, enable us to provide tours that are enlightening, engaging, and unforgettable. Whether you're a graffiti aficionado, a lover of culture, or someone looking to experience the real Medellin, our tours are tailored to offer an unparalleled adventure.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Comuna 13 with us, where every corner holds a story waiting to be discovered. Witness firsthand the transformative power of art and community, and take part in an experience that transcends the typical tourist path. We are not just guides; we are storytellers, community members, and pioneers in the graffiti movement in Medellin. Join us on a comuna 13 tour Medellin and be part of a movement that celebrates life, art, and transformation.

Transformative Impact

Can you go to Comuna 13 on your own?

Yes, you can visit Comuna 13 on your own, and many do. However, joining a guided tour offers a deeper, more enriching experience. Our tours, for instance, provide not just historical context and insights into the art but also ensure that visitors hear the stories directly from the locals. It's about understanding the spirit of resilience and transformation that defines the area. Moreover, going with someone who knows the community well can open doors to hidden gems and interactions that you might not stumble upon by yourself. Think of it as visiting a friend who's eager to show you around their neighborhood, offering you an insider's perspective that you wouldn't get from just walking around on your own.

How long are Comuna 13 tours?

Our Comuna 13 tours are designed to immerse you fully into the vibrant culture and history of the area, lasting approximately 3.5 hours. We believe this duration strikes the perfect balance, allowing you to deeply engage with the art, people, and culinary delights without feeling rushed. It's enough time to create your own piece of graffiti, enjoy live performances, and savor the local cuisine, all while learning about Comuna 13's transformative journey. However, the true essence of Comuna 13 cannot be captured by time alone; it's the memories and connections you'll make that last far beyond.

Why is Comuna 13 famous in Medellin?

Comuna 13 has become an emblem of transformation and hope in Medellin. Once known for high levels of violence and conflict, today, it stands as a testimony to the power of community resilience and creativity. The area is famous for its striking street art that paints a narrative of its past, present, and aspirations. These murals, along with the innovative outdoor escalators improving residents' mobility, symbolize the change and progress achieved. Additionally, its dynamic hip hop culture and expressive art scenes are magnets for both locals and tourists, making it a unique blend of history, art, and urban innovation. When we share these stories through our tours, it's not just recounting facts; it's about celebrating the spirit of a community that refused to be defined by its past.

Was Comuna 13 always the safest place in Medellin?

Historically, no. There was a time when Comuna 13 was considered one of the most dangerous parts of Medellin due to gang violence and crime. However, through concerted efforts by community leaders, artists, and locals, alongside government initiatives, Comuna 13 has experienced a significant transformation. It's now a symbol of change and resilience, celebrated for its vibrant street art, cultural richness, and community projects. While it's crucial to remain mindful and respectful as in any urban area, Comuna 13 today is a welcoming place for visitors intrigued by its history and inspired by its turnaround. This transition from a zone of conflict to a beacon of hope is a core narrative in our tours, illustrating the remarkable capacity for renewal and growth.

What makes Comuna 13 tours unique?

What sets our tours apart is the authenticity and depth of experience we offer. It's not just about showing the sights; it's about engaging with the community. You have the chance to create your own graffiti, delight in the local cuisine, and enjoy live performances, witnessing the vibrant culture firsthand. Our guides, who are part of the community, share personal stories of Comuna 13's transformation, offering insights that you won't find in any guidebook. This personalized, hands-on approach ensures that our guests leave with not only beautiful photos but also a profound understanding of the area's history, challenges, and triumphs. You're not just touring a neighborhood; you're immersing yourself in the living history and creativity of Comuna 13.

How can visitors respectfully engage with the Comuna 13 community?

Engaging respectfully with the Comuna 13 community is crucial. We encourage visitors to approach the community with an open heart and mind, ready to listen and learn from their stories. Respecting the art by not vandalizing it, asking for permission before taking photos of residents, and supporting local businesses by purchasing their products or services are ways to show respect. It's also about the little things, like greeting people with a smile, which goes a long way in fostering a positive interaction. Our tours aim to create a bridge between visitors and locals, facilitating meaningful exchanges that honor the spirit and resilience of Comuna 13. Remember, it's about coming together, sharing experiences, and learning from each other in a way that enriches both the visitor and the community.


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